Player Analysis – Butchers – Meathook

Gut and String

Since Season 3 is coming up in the near future, there isn’t much point in going over Season 2 players in detail, as we still don’t know if players are changing or staying the same following the new releases. As such, it’s probably more useful to go over a model we know the stats for in the next season. Since I’ve started out looking at the Butchers, Meathook is the obvious choice here.

In season 1-2, Meathook was pretty unimpressive. Tooled Up is a powerful play, but other than that one ability she’s pretty mediocre. Only bringing 1 INF and often wanting more to get much done is never good, and Rage does the same thing with much more efficiency. Her defenses were also pretty unimpressive, with a 4+/0 statline and only 14 HP leaving her vulnerable to a lot of enemies.

However, comparing Meathook to her Season 1 counterpart…

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