Farmer’s Guild – Tater, Handsome Guardian


So GenCon is upon us and with it is a special pre-release version of a player for one of the Season 3 Guilds, Tater from the Farmer’s Guild.

There is little information available about the Farmer’s other than their mechanic being based around the planting and reaping of Harvest tokens.

Tater’s pre-release cards is below:

It’s been noted that this version will change come Season 3 and as he is listed as a ‘Reaper’ I feel it’s likely he’ll lose the ability to plant the harvest tokens.

However, he looks immensely fun to play and I like the feel of the harvest mechanic already.

Steamforged Games also released a bit of backstory for the Farmer’s Guild too:

On the other side of the muddy, patchy earth of the practice grounds, golden wheat swayed invitingly like a stand of waving spectators in the gentle springtime winds. This far in from the coast the weather was always more temperate, and only the sun bathed noble Piervo, her rich fields and tall white walls glowing as though divine as the Holy City itself. It was much like any other blessed day that Tater had known in his life, but for one exception.

‘Move it, move it!’ The First Lady was not shy in expressing her displeasure with any member of the team. ‘I’ve seen rookies playing Cage Ball that are more match fit than any of you backwards hicks! I didn’t sign up to coach you just for my health!’

Exhausted from a morning spent running drills and formations that were probably more stringent and punishing than those of the City Guard, a weary Tater was the first to raise his hand.

‘With all due respect, we’re not used to this. We’ve never practiced every day, and for games against famous players and the influential guilds before. We only have the way we’ve always played. You can’t expect any of us to simply change overnight.’ His voice was shaky and breathless, only the last words regaining a hint of his typically strong accent and tone.

His tormentor’s attention swung instantly to him. ‘Has it been, indeed?’ She limped towards Tater, still leaning heavily on a pristine wooden crutch and swatting away a concerned looking apothecary as she moved, in the same way a horse did a fly.

‘Well then, pretty boy, why don’t you tell me more of your amateur tactics, and how they’ll stand up against the pros in the big leagues, huh? I’ll be very interested to hear them.’ Her jaw was set in a determined line, and her icy blue eyes defiantly challenged him. Not for the first time, Tater noticed how her rich, fiery red hair shone in the sunlight. The First Lady was a remarkable woman.

‘I… well, you have me there,’ he conceded. ‘But I am concerned for some of the others, those of weaker constitution. This is too much, too soon for them.’ As if to illustrate his point, somewhere behind him, he could hear loud retching noises as someone emptied their stomach at the side of the pitch.

Her jawline softened a fraction, for a moment. Tater would fancy later that he might even have detected a hint of a sympathetic smile cross her lips. It passed as she turned away and addressed the team.

‘Fine! Break for the afternoon. I’ll be drawing up new plays for us to go over later this evening. I expect all of you back here at dusk, unless Solthecius forbid, someone can find a suitable courtyard inside the city walls like a real team would use…’

Question is who is the Farmer’s Coach? – Referred to as First Lady, red hair, injured leg…got to be Honour surely?

**Confirmed by Mat Hart that it is indeed Honour**


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