Guild Ball Campaign System


I’d like to share some information with you that I have found out about one of the most anticipated changes in Guild Ball Season 2 – the campaign system.


The campaign is designed to have between 8 and 12 players but is customisable enough to be altered to suit your needs.  During the campaign, players play matches and earn points for wins.  These games are largely played as standard games but the rules for Plot Cards are adjusted and Guild specific cards added.

Each team uses there own special customised deck and by fulfilling the criteria on the card you earn more points (which are different from those for winning matches).  These cards may be used during or between games.

As Mat has mentioned before there is also a favour system, where you are able to obtain equipment, bonuses in game and even the loan of players (come on over Flint, welcome to the dark side).

Each campaign will have three winners:

  • The one who wins the most games
  • The one who utilises their guild deck the most effectively
  • The one with the most favours

Guild Decks

Each campaign has a story behind it that you need to progress through as you use your guild deck to generate points. As you generate points you unlock more (and rarer cards) which in turn help you generate more points. Guild plot cards can give you in-game benefits rather than just point increases.

unnamed (1) Picture1


Favours are your chance to roleplay your Guild, they enable you to plot with (or against) other coaches, buy equipment for your players, obtain sponsors, loan players, increase your points and even buy resources from other Guilds.

You gain more favour by losing matches than winning and also get bonus favour for playing or beating coaches with more favour than you.

More details to come…

Until next time sports fans!




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