What’s in a name? – Hunter’s Guild

Although they aren’t released until the 16th April, the Hunter’s Guild names have been spoiled so here are what I’ve found out about the origin of their names.


Hunter’s Guild

Theron, Champion of the Sun Father



Theron is a name of Ancient Greek origin deriving from θηραω (therao) meaning “to hunt”.
Fahad, Midnight Devil


Fahad is a name of Arabic origin meaning ‘Panther’ amongst other things.
Jaecar, Shadowborn


Jaecar is a derivation of the German word Jaeger meaning Hunter.
Zarola, Wild Mistress


Zarola is a name of Persian origin and means Hunter.
Egret, Promised of the Moon


An egret is a type of bird which was historically hunted for it’s plumes.  It is likely also a play on Ygritte from Game of Thrones on which the model bears an uncanny resemblance.
Hearne, Scion of the Sun Father


Likely named after ‘Herne the Hunter’ a ghost associated with Windsor Forest and Great Park in the English county of Berkshire. Although it could possibly be a reference to English explorer, fur-trader, author, and naturalist, Samuel Hearne. He was the first European to make an overland excursion across northern Canada to the Arctic Ocean.
Chaska, Ironheart


The name Chaska is traditionally the name given to the first born son of Sioux Native Americans. It is also a city in Minnesota which was originally the homeland of the Sioux .
Seenah, the Great Bear


I am going to have to admit I have no idea why the bear is called Seenah, anyone have any thoughts?

Edit: Had a chat with the guys at Salute and it’s because they wanted a John Cena reference in Guild Ball.

Until next time sports fans!



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