Field of Screams


So on Saturday 20th Feb 2016 I ventured to my first ever Guild Ball tournament (I think it’s my first tournament for any game in over 20 years of gaming) and had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

The event took place in Hastings and was run by the 1066 Wargames Club, if your in the area check them out, they’re a very friendly bunch.

I’d like to thank all of my opponents for five great games (although the results didn’t always go to plan); Dom Symes (Fishermen), Tim McDonnell (Morticians), Chris Wills (Morticians), Barry Nixon (Morticians), Henry Clark (Fishermen).  I was playing as the Mortician’s Guild (on of 9 at the event). Also surprisingly there were no pure Union teams.

I managed three wins (against the three Morticians; 12-10, 12-8 and 12-6 respectively) and lost to both the Fishermen 12-2. This landed me a 16th place finish, which I’m quite happy with.

The event was won by Alex Hall, who played a fantastically painted Alchemist’s team (he also won the Best Goal). Alex will be on the Who Cares Who Wins podcast in the near future to discuss how to play the Alchemist’s and I will certainly be tuning in.

I did however, managed to pick up a couple of spot prizes. In round 1, I won the Fisherman’s Guild Art Cards for conceding the first goal (against Dom’s Fisherman) and in round 5 I won a Blotz Gibbet Goal for the quickest game (against Henry’s Fishermen).


I stuck to the same lineup for the whole tournament, as it wasn’t one I’d tried before and wanted to get used to it. It was Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Ghast, Cosset and Bonesaw. On the whole I was happy with how they played out.

Things I learned

+ Bonesaw: I really like how he plays, although he did spend more of the games as a defender/midfielder rather than an attacker. He is resilient and did a good job of holding the opposition up when required as well as pushing Mist off the board a couple of times (once when he had just scored and another when he was just about to).

+ Cosset: She got some very important take out and her speed is fantastic

+- Ghast: He isn’t someone I have run in the past and although he is good at holding the midfield, I don’t really get him. Definitely something to work on.

– Obulus: In most of the games I played it was almost always better to give him 8 Influence rather than spread it around. I’m not sure I enjoy the focus of one layer doing most of the work for the team.  It also left me at the mercy of the dice gods when he put 16 Influence of attacks into Shark and only did about 8 damage.

+ The lineup was more effective when it was on the attack and I’m looking forward to what Scalpel can bring

– I don’t get how to defend against scoring teams (particularly the Fishermen) and need more practice.

On the whole I think I prefer casual games rather than competitive ones in a tournament, but still had a great day.

Looking forward to Field of Screams 2!

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