What’s in a name? – Engineer’s Guild

Next up, the Engineer’s Guild




Lord Artificer of the Engineer’s guild and captain of their Guild Ball team, Ballista is an honourable yet traditional man who wields a massive crossbow to deadly effect on the pitch.

The ballista was an ancient missile weapon that launched a large projectile at a distant target, much like the weapon wielded by Ballista.



Mainspring remain one of the Engineer’s Guild’s most closely guarded secrets, and remains so due to the fact it explodes when tampered with. When present at a match, even the Engineer’s players exercise caution.

A mainspring is a spiral torsion spring of metal ribbon – commonly spring steel – used as a power source in mechanical watches, some clocks, and other clockwork mechanisms.



Salvo was promoted to first apprentice under Ballista following the tragic death of his sister Quistis. He wields a pair of handheld crossbows, ensuring that the opposition must traverse a deadly rain of bolts if they wish to take the ball from the Engineer’s possession.

A salvo is a simultaneous or successive discharge of weapons.



Considered somewhat of a maverick by other members of the guild, Ratchet is often the creative mind behind their latest inventions. He wields his explosive bombs at matches, and ensures the mechanical players remain fully operational through the bloodiest of games.

A ratchet is a mechanical device that allows continuous linear or rotary motion in only one direction while preventing motion in the opposite direction.



Built in Quistis’ image following her death, Velocity is the mechanical automaton the Engineer’s Guild turn to when they require a nimble and accurate striker.

The velocity of an object is the rate of change of its position with respect to a frame of reference, and is a function of time. Velocity is a physical vector quantity; both magnitude and direction are needed to define it and is sometime referred to as speed in a given direction.



Most teams hire their muscle. The Engineer’s Guild chose to create theirs. Colossus is a true Juggernaut on the pitch, capable of smashing his way through the opposition’s team with his shear power and bulk.

A colossus was originally used to describe a statue, but is now also used to describe a person or object of enormous size, importance, or ability.



A compound is an entity consisting of two or more different atoms which associate via chemical bonds. There are four types of compounds, depending on how the constituent atoms are held together: molecules held together by covalent bonds, salts held together by ionic bonds, intermetallic compounds held together by metallic bonds, and certain complexes held together by coordinate covalent bonds.

The name also works as a analogy of Compound playing for two teams, in the same way to two or more atoms make up a compound.


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