Sharing the Guild Ball Love

One of the things that has really attracted me to Guild Ball is the really helpful, vibrant community that has sprung up around the game.

I feel that it would be helpful to compile a list of some of the members of the community that are driving the game forward and can be found below:

Guild Ball Tonight


A podcast hosted by Bill and Phil that always has good guests and feature slots.

Twitter: @GBTPodcast

Also find them on iTunes.

Guild Ball Informer


A YouTube channel hosted by Jay and Chris. It contains a lot of useful information, tactics, etc.

Twitter: @GBInformer


Who Cares Who Wins podcast


As they describe themselves “An UK based Guild Ball Podcast by idiots for themselves. Explicit content.” One of my favourites and my podcast of choice for doing the washing up.

Twitter @wcwwpodcast

Smashed Shins podcast


Another UK based podcast that does some excellent narrative match reports.

Twitter: @smashedshins



A new comer to the scene but is already backed with interested articles – definite one to keep an eye on!

Twitter: @OZ_Ball_Club


Just plain nuts, but you need to check them out!

Twitter: @thebattlehammer and @VitruvianGoblin

Miniature Musing of a Bear


A blog that contains some great articles, particular giving a breakdown of each player and their tactical abilities. Always worth a follow.

Twitter: @docbungle

Facebook groups

Guild Ball Supporters (Gu.B.S)

Guild Ball Player’s Club

Steamforged Forum


The community on Twitter seems to be the most active of all. Good follows are:

Mat Hart: @C4RP3R

Rich Loxam: @Loxam

Jamie Perkins: @GB_Jamie

Northy: @GB_Northy

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