A splash of paint


Hello sports fans,

I will caveat this post that I finding painting to be my least favourite aspect of the hobby (it’s a chore at times), so you won’t find any outstanding paint jobs here.

So, I was looking for inspiration for my Mortician’s Guild and initially though I would do them in a traditional black gothic theme with hints of pastel to give a splash of a fairly unusual colour. So I started hunting for images to use and thought that something like this would look good for Cosset:


However, it quickly became apparent that (although I’ve been painting for 20 years) I don’t have the skills or patience to pull something like that off. A WIP:


This then lead me into a rethink on the theme. I still wanted to keep them fairly ‘dark’ but also unusual. Two things that sprang to mind were either an ‘Egyptian’ themed mortuary cult with turquoise, blue and gold or an ‘Indian’ theme.  Having done some digging I decided that I would base the team on the Sadhu and Aghori in particular.  The Sadhu are Indian holy men and women and the Aghori are a subsect who  are known to engage in post-mortem rituals. They often dwell in charnel grounds, have been witnessed smearing cremation ashes on their bodies, and have been known to use bones from human corpses for crafting jewellery. Some examples of Sadhu and Aghori:

Picture 1

I’ve so far finished the Starter set and Casket’s almost there, I am fairly happy with the result. I’m just going to tweak Casket’s face slightly to give it more definition and then it’s on to the goal, before I pick up the models for Silence, Dirge and Ghast before Season 2 hits the Morticians.


IMG_1053 IMG_1060

Until next time.


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